Rotate PDF pages

Rotate your PDFs online for free. You can select one or multiple pages and rotate them at once!

Rotate PDF Pages

Rotating PDF pages is a common requirement for users who handle PDF documents. This task can be accomplished using various software tools and services. Here’s how to rotate PDF pages using several different methods:

Using Adobe Acrobat: Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Select the “Organize Pages” tool from the right pane. Click on the pages or use the odd/even, landscape/portrait filters to select the pages you want to rotate. Use the rotate clockwise or counterclockwise buttons to rotate the selected pages. Save the PDF with the rotated pages.

Using Preview on macOS: Open the PDF with Preview. Display the thumbnail view if it's not already visible. Click to select the page(s) you want to rotate. Choose Tools > Rotate Left or Rotate Right from the menu bar, or click the corresponding button in the toolbar. Save the PDF.