Powerpoint to PDF Convert

Convert your Powerpoint document to high-quality PDF online for free


Using Microsoft PowerPoint: The easiest method if you have Microsoft PowerPoint: Open your PPTX file in Microsoft PowerPoint. Click on 'File' in the menu bar. Select 'Export' or 'Save As' (depending on your version of PowerPoint). Choose 'PDF' from the file format options. Click 'Export' or 'Save'.

Using Adobe Acrobat: If you have Adobe Acrobat installed: Open Adobe Acrobat. Go to 'Tools' > 'Create PDF'. Upload the PPTX file. Once uploaded, click on 'Create' or 'Convert'. Save the new PDF to your preferred location.

Google Slides: If you don’t have PowerPoint, you can use Google Slides: Upload the PPTX file to Google Drive. Open it with Google Slides. Click on 'File', then 'Download', and select 'PDF Document (.pdf)'.