Group PDF files into ZIP

Compress PDF files into a single, compressed ZIP file for easier storage and sharing


Converting a PDF to a ZIP file typically means you want to compress the PDF into a smaller file size or you wish to package multiple PDF files into a single ZIP archive. Here's how you can do it:

On Windows: Single PDF: Locate the PDF file in File Explorer. Right-click on the file. Choose 'Send to' > 'Compressed (zipped) folder.' Multiple PDFs: Select all the PDFs you want to zip together. Right-click on the selected files. Choose 'Send to' > 'Compressed (zipped) folder.'

On macOS: Single PDF: Find the PDF file in Finder. Control-click on the file. Select 'Compress [filename].' Multiple PDFs: Highlight all the PDFs you want to include in the ZIP file. Control-click on the selected files. Choose 'Compress [number] Items.'