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Unlock PDF

Unlocking a PDF refers to removing password restrictions from a PDF file. This typically means you want to remove a password that prevents opening the file (user password) or one that restricts editing and printing the file (owner password). Please note that removing password protection from PDFs without authorization may be illegal and against the terms of use of the document. Ensure you have the right to alter the document or have obtained permission from the document owner. If you have the right to unlock the PDF, there are several ways to do it:

Using Adobe Acrobat: If you know the password: Open the protected PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Go to 'File' > 'Properties' > 'Security' tab. Select 'No Security' from the Security Method box. Enter the password when prompted. Save the PDF.

Using Google Chrome: Open Google Chrome (make sure you have the password for the PDF). Drag and drop the PDF file into a new tab. When prompted, enter the password to open the PDF. Once the PDF is open, print the document by pressing CTRL + P or CMD + P on Mac. In the print window, select 'Save as PDF' and then click 'Save'. Choose your save location, and the new PDF will be saved without password protection.