Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting the Privacy Policy page which has been created to let you know that our site is a safe place. The policy is simple and easy to understand. It has no any hidden aspect. It means we are straight and loyal towards our customers and visitors. We gather personal information of customers including name, email address and other data that they share.

Why Do We Collection Personal Information?

The motto is clear. We use your personal information to improve your browsing experience at our site. We monitor visitor’s browsing activities and try to personalize it in order to make our site friendly to them. We read reviews and take your suggestions to bring improvement in our services. Our customers can receive updates of our tools, recent events and offers.

How Safe Your Personal Data with Us?

Your personal data is always safe with us because we don’t share it to any third party. Top quality security software are used to keep the data intact. We may share your personal data with our partners if they promise to not to misuse it. Your personal information is not used for promotions.

Note: Each email of us carries an unsubscribe button that you can click any time. Remember, we reserve the right to make changes in the Privacy Policy.